Support – Company Navigator

Support - Company Navigator


You can contact us with questions related to Company Navigator at

Can I see or access the data of other users?

No, you can’t. Access control is inherited from Microsoft 365 so each user of Company Navigator can only explore data, that they have real access to. Other users can not see your data either.

What data of mine does Company Navigator works with?

Company Navigator accesses documents, emails, and events that you and your company have in Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Apart from that, Company Navigator also accesses the organizational structure of your company to be able to put all data items into the context of people within your organization.

How can I remove my data from Company Navigator if I don’t wish to use it anymore?

You can delete all data that have been collected on your behalf by clicking on the “Revoke Access” button in the upper left corner. The application will instantly lose access to your data and persisted data will be completely deleted in 24 hours.

When searching for a specific person in the People node I don’t get any result even if I know they exist and I can find them in other nodes.

Exploration takes into account the context of each node. If, for instance, the People node originates from the Email/Document card, you might not find the person you look for, because he/she is not anyhow connected to that particular email/document.

Why can’t I open a document/email from the card?

This feature is not provided in the free version of Company Navigator. Please contact us in order to get the full version of Company Navigator with this and other exciting features.

How can I send you feedback?

In order to leave feedback please refer to the upper left corner of the application where you can find a button that opens a dialog window for you to share your impression of Company Navigator.