Konica Minolta Digital Services R&D

Our Manifesto


Since its establishment in 1873, Konica Minolta had a long history of innovation. Along its transformation journey, Konica Minolta is constantly evolving: ‘giving shape to ideas’ means that digital transformation will deliver better business and meaningful values for people and society.
This is why we have Konica Minolta Digital Services R&D, a group of passionate researchers, technical leaders and experienced business strategists. This division has the singular objective to anticipate ever-changing market requirements in order to empower our customers with platforms, services and solutions. In turn enabling them to be adaptive, creative, and able to ultimately make informed decisions about their work life and wellbeing.




Digital Services R&D aspires to become a world-class agile organisation, capable of transforming thought leadership into valuable outputs that convert IT complexity into greater efficiency, creativity, wider context understanding and improved decision support for teams and individuals. Increasing the return of investment of technological excellence, and bridging customers’ focus with business analyses and market trends, will accelerate Konica Minolta’s future strategy and offerings’ portfolio. Engaging customers with design thinking combined with agile development and technological driven competencies will drive forward Konica Minolta into the future, to increase its market relevance and continue to open perspectives in new areas of business.




Konica Minolta Digital Services R&D is a truly worldwide, connected and adaptable division, operating across Japanese, European and US research laboratories and development groups that work closely with business units to form strategic alliances. Dedicated to supporting Konica Minolta’s evolution into a leading edge solutions provider of platforms including AI and IoT, hybrid cloud computing, data-centric applications and assistive services, Digital Services R&D creates end-to-end pipelines for innovation. From concept design, through research, agile development and testing, to initial stages of productisation – the group drives an iterative process starting from customers’ understanding and targeting the creation of real values for the business.


The spark of inspiration, the beginning of a great adventure of digitalisation: a Digital Services R&D network of laboratories that are changing workplaces. Together we imagine, we share and innovate, bringing Artificial Intelligence to organizations, for a fully connected, intelligent world.