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Autonomous Material Handling Solutions

Boost intralogistics efficiency and manufacturing workflows with Mobile Industrial Robots coupled with our smart AMR Fleet Management Software

Lack of skilled workforce, limited productivity, impeded scalability, human errors… Addressing these challenges, we provide all-round Autonomous Material Handling (AMH) solutions designed to streamline processes across various industries – manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, food and beverage, etc.


  • 24/7 operations, increased efficiency
  • real-time fleet performance data and analytics
  • enhanced accuracy and maneuverability
  • consistent quality due to minimized errors
  • cost savings by up to 50%

Autonomous Mobile Robots

MiR autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are crafted to enhance productivity in logistics and manufacturing operations. They boost employee efficiency by enabling them to focus on higher-value tasks, while reducing lead times, minimizing bottlenecks, and improving safety.

MiR250: Small yet powerful

The MiR250 has a footprint of just 58 x 80 cm and is only 30 cm high. It can effortlessly handle up to 250 kg load, moving along at a max speed of 2 m/s. Its agility makes it highly adaptable to demanding environments. Due to its compactness, it can easily navigate through spaces as narrow as 80 cm. Passing through doors and elevators hence poses no challenge to it. MiR250 is designed for easy maintenance and can operate 24/7, allowing swift battery replacement. It also adheres to the latest safety standards.

Payload: up to 250 kg
Speed: max 2.0 m/s (7.2 km/h)
Active operation time: up to 17 h 30 min
Load surface: 800 × 580 mm
Dimensions: L 800 mm x W 580 mm x H 300 mm

MiR600: Simple pallet movement

The MiR600 is a safe and smart alternative to forklifts. Geared up with pallet lifts, it can pick up, transport and deliver pallets throughout your facility, completely autonomously. It has the power to move loads up to 600 kg at a max speed of 2 m/s and the ability to maneuver in crowded surroundings safely and masterfully. Along with the MiR1350, MiR600 is the first IP52-rated AMR in the market. It has an increased ability to withstand dust particles and waterdrops in more challenging environments.

Payload: up to 600 kg
Speed: max 2.0 m/s (7.2 km/h)
Active operation time: Up to 11 h
Load surface: 1304 × 864 mm
Dimensions: L 1350 mm x W 910 mm x H 322 mm

MiR1350: Most powerful AMR

The MiR1350 complies with the highest available robot standards which makes him superior to other AMRs on the market. Featuring a 1350 kg payload capacity, this autonomous mobile robot excels in automating heavy load and pallet transportation, eliminating the need for traditional, potentially dangerous forklifts. Equipped with latest technology and 13 TÜV certified safety features, MiR1350 provides optimal safety. It is designed to withstand dust particles and waterdrops and to easily navigate in challenging environments.

Payload: up to 1350 kg
Speed: max 1.2 m/s (4.3 km/h)
Active operation time: up to 10 h
Load surface: 1304 × 864 mm
Dimensions: L 1350 mm x W 910 mm x H 322 mm

AMR Fleet Management Software

Our powerful suite of user-friendly fleet management applications enhances Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), offering a comprehensive approach to optimizing intralogistics and manufacturing operations. From analytics to workflow control and infrastructure accessibility, our software programs are designed to empower businesses to thrive.

sConnect | AMR Analytics Software: Gain real-time insights

Unlock the power of real-time data tracking with the sConnect analytics platform. Identify areas for process improvement, both on and off-site, using detailed analytics. With the Overall Robotic Effectiveness (ORE) metric, equivalent to industry-standard OEE, you can gauge fleet performance based on availability, performance, and quality. Monitor tasks completed, delivery speed comparison, and fleet utilization metrics.

  • Optimize workflows and productivity
  • Report key performance metrics with ease
  • Track and analyze robot data on the go
sWorkflow | Automation Software: Maximize productivity

sWorkflow is a dynamic workflow platform executing diverse AMR automated scenarios using flexible business rules. It seamlessly integrates AMRs with IoT sensors and material handling equipment, interfacing with enterprise software for efficient work order management. Its middleware functionality connects with physical handling systems, optimizing performance through adaptable process flow reconfiguration.

  • Easy configuration, no programming
  • Key performance monitoring
  • Execution of AMR automated scenarios
  • Adaptable rules for dynamic workflows
  • Smooth interoperability
sInfra | Access Platform: Navigate multi-storey logistics hubs

The AMR system reaches its full potential with sInfra, seamlessly interfacing with building infrastructure to expand your material handling capabilities autonomously. Access lifts, sliding doors, and other infrastructure with ease. Stay informed with real-time updates on infrastructure availability, including trolley parking lots and lift occupancy, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

  • Boost operations autonomously
  • Expand material handling capabilities
  • Easy access to lifts and sliding doors
  • Real-time updates on infrastructure availability
  • Intelligent Occupancy Monitoring System (OMS)
MiR Fleet Manager: Centralize efficiency

With MiR Fleet management software you can control multiple AMR units. This web-based tool centralizes critical AMR conditions, including battery status and current location, ensuring seamless workflow management. It also acts as a traffic controller, resolving conflicts and preventing traffic deadlocks by coordinating the movement of AMRs on designated paths.

  • Monitor critical AMR conditions
  • Prevent traffic deadlocks
  • Centrally coordinate AMR movement
sLatch: Manage transport payloads the smart way

Specifically tailored to AMRs, sLatch integrates perfectly with MiR250. Designed to efficiently shuttle trolleys between logistic points, it supports payloads of various sizes with its plug-and-play functionality, allowing for swift installation and minimal setup. With its ingenious dockless design, sLatch optimizes floor space utilization for streamlined operations.

  • Flexible attachment, higher payloads
  • Integration with automatic doors
  • Navigating space constraints
  • Certified quality and safety

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